By, Conor Dunleavy

Politics are always a touchy subject to get into.  You never know people’s personal feelings about issues, and it is easy to offend one another unintentionally.  I could get into the issues and core of what will end up deciding this presidential election, but those issues and ideas aren’t the ones that make this election the most important one ever.

Aside from the obvious craziness behind the upcoming 2016 election, like Donald Trump cruising in the polls above the rest of the Republican candidates, and the possibility of having the first woman president coming from the Democratic party, there are an extensive amount of other conditions involved.

For one, the Republican party has the biggest field of candidates either party has ever had running for their party’s nomination.  With 36 official candidates, and 11 legitimate contenders for the nomination, this years republican field blows away every other elections field for a party.  For perspective, only 6 democrats have declared they are running for the nomination, with Joe Biden still unclear on whether he will run or not.

Going back to the wild Republican field, we can look at the fact the top two candidates Donald Trump, polling at around 27.5%, and Ben Carson, polling at around 18.8%, are each more than 10 points ahead of any other candidate, and have zero political experience between them.  Whether it’s because of their own ideas, or the fact that they haven’t been in politics that people are liking them, it is clear that the American public has spoken about their dislike for the way politicians on both sides have been running this country.

Both the previous examples have been ones showing the craziness of this upcoming election, but the one that frightens me the most, is the one that makes this election one of the most important ones of all time.  In the upcoming election, Millennials who are generally characterized as people born between 1982-2004 (ages 33-11 at the moment) have more likely voters than the Baby Boomers generation.  Although that stat seems good for Millennials, it doesn’t show the whole story.  That’s because Millennials as a generation, have the lowest likely voters percentage of any age group in any election ever.  That means over the last 239 years of our countries existence, there has never been a time where a certain age group has ever had a lower percentage of likely voters amongst those eligible to vote.  To make things even more ironic, the country as a whole has it’s lowest trust in government in over 40 years, meaning that although we don’t trust and like what the government is doing for us, we’re not doing enough to change that fact.  Most ironically for Millennials is the sheer fact that all of the decisions and issues being discussed today and in this next presidency are going to affect Millennials more than any other group.  I’m sorry Millennials, I’m one of you, but we’ve got to take our future into our own hands now that we have the opportunity.

All and all, it’s safe to say that the upcoming election is going to be nothing but excitement and intrigue for all as we move closer and closer to November 8th, 2016.

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